Hiring a local web designer – 5 tips

Websites are now practically mandatory but if you want something unique and high-quality that will really stand out, you’re going to need a professional web designer. Web design is an art form that takes experience and skill to properly master.

But hiring a web designer can be tricky. Let’s say you’re based in Worthing and need a website for your retail business what should you do? A quick Google search for web designer Worthing will likely bring up plenty of results. But do you even need a local web designer, or can you work remotely with one?

What kind of web designer is best for your needs? And that’s just the beginning there are lots of key considerations you need to think about when hiring a web designer. So, let’s look at 5 key things you need to remember when hiring a web designer.

The location 

Whether you need a web designer in Littlehampton, Bognor-Regis, Chichester or anywhere else you will likely find plenty of options available locally. But web design work can also be done remotely after all the work is focused online, isn’t it?

But while it isn’t essential there are benefits to working with a local web designer rather than working online remotely with one. When you’re working with a local web designer you can talk face to face which is also going to be better than skyping or talking over the phone.

You’ll also be able to better outline your requirements and generally be able to work much more closely. So, finding a local web designer is certainly going to be advantageous although if you have a good feeling about a web designer but can only work remotely with them it can still achieve great results.

Do your research 

Hiring a web designer should be approached like hiring a builder in many ways the jobs are quite similar. This means you should do your research on any potential web designer and take a look through their portfolio. Any good web designer should have a portfolio of work for prospective clients to look at.

You should also ask for references and get in touch with them to find out more about them. Do they have experience building similar sites, what are their specialities, these are all questions you should ask a potential web designer.

Know what you need 

Before you arrange an interview with a web designer you really need to think about what exactly you want. Now yes you want a website but is it something that needs building from scratch, or do you already have one that just needs updating/ refreshing?

What is your budget, does your website need ecommerce features, do you need a mobile site building as well? These are just some of the things you’ll need to ask yourself. You will need at least a rough idea of what you want with your new website before you start searching for a web designer.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got everything planned out because any good web designer will be someone you can bounce ideas off. And they’ll be able to offer their own advice and opinions as well but don’t go in blind and expect a web designer to know exactly what you want. They’ll need at least some guidance towards what you want your website to look like and offer to visitors.

Freelance or web design firm/agency? 

Let’s good back to the example I used earlier you’re based in Worthing and need a website. You head online and find plenty of people offering their services. Now while every web designer is different, they can often be sorted into two main categories freelancers and web design firms/ agencies.

Which should you choose? Well there are some potential positives and negatives to both groups freelance web designers will often be cheaper, and you can work more closely with them especially if they are locally-based.

Hiring a web design firm/ agency will often be more expensive but they can usually work more quickly and because you’re working with a group of people, they will have a more varied skill set. Both freelancers and web design firms can be a great choice but consider the pros and cons carefully before hiring one.

Remember your budget  

Web design can be expensive, and many people have made the mistake of letting their budgets spiral out of control. This is why you need to know exactly what you do and don’t need when it comes to building your website.

You also need to consider your deadline as well. If you need your website more quickly then it will cost more to get it done. Web design is usually a long process so if you have a tight deadline things will cost more.

When you follow these tips, you’ll be able to ensure your web designer is the right match for your needs and it will make the whole web design process much easier. Standing out online isn’t easy but when you choose the right web designer you can get your dream website.

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